Definition and classification of low temperature hot melt adhesive

Definition and classification of low temperature hot melt adhesive
First talk about the low temperature hot melt glue Hong Kong Bao its definition:
Low temperature hot melt glue Hong Kong Bao it is to be used in the shoe heel below the point of the heel to play a fixed role, with the kind of material a bit like cardboard, relatively hard, just in a fixed port and shoes when the use of plastic.
Hong Kong in accordance with the material generally divided into the following three kinds:
1) leather slurry Bao Hong Kong -- mining soaking softening method: this PO in Hong Kong is to leather sole leather as material of Hong Bao, as well as the previous hand-made shoes to softening method, at present Italian leather shoes caught in traditional thought, multi use of such does not accord with the economic benefit of Po in Hong Kong.
2) chemical Hong Bao -- mining soaking solvent (toluene) softening method: port of this treasure leaching solvent can be softened, in recent years of one of the revolutionary shoe, shoe. Its characteristic is soaked in the solvent can be very soft, and most conducive to the shoe molding, without adding or enhance any treatment, cooling and drying can be a stiffening effect, the footwear industry to use more.
3) low temperature hot melt, Bao Hong Kong -- adopt heating softening method: pre pressed home in front of the shoe lining position of "hot melt adhesive softening the heating (about 100 - 120 degrees) in a way that makes, to help end the molding.
The other in the production of climbing shoes and safety shoes are also used iron and other special materials for Hong Kong bao.
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