Low temperature hot melt adhesive Po in Hong Kong use

Low temperature hot melt adhesive Po in Hong Kong use advantages and disadvantages do
Low temperature hot melt adhesive Po in Hong Kong use:
Sponge PU and artificial leather shoe pad material
1, suitable solvent toluene, acetone, dichloromethane, Ding copper can play a bridging function.
2, can be directly connected with with solvent and solvent can also brush smear, both can play the best adhesion effect.
3, such as the need to fit in advance on the heel of the heel, the application of adhesive paste can be used, back and forth evenly. Do not brush too thick, so that it is stained with the back cover, not easy to pack the wind, peeling.
4, Gangbao water: Summer: 30% toluene, 70% drying ratio. Winter 20%: 80% ratio of toluene, quick drying.
5, Hong Kong Po into the upper two waist with a brush in Hong Kong on toluene treasure to make it easy climbing shoes, not easy to wrinkle, not prone to angle. Hong Kong treasure under the edge of the brush to make it difficult for the characteristics of the hair is not easy.
Low temperature hot melt glue:
Low cost, easy to use.
Low temperature hot melt adhesive toepuffs disadvantages:
Toluene and other solvents are toxic and environmentally toxic, hardness is not good, will be deformed after wearing.
Scope of application:
Children's shoes, women's shoes, men's shoes, sports shoes, skating shoes and all footwear.
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