Hot melt method and the matters needing attention

Hot melt method and the matters needing attention
The edge operation process often appear problems and solutions:
1. The edge off: A. check operation is correct; according to the requirements to the operation of the machine and hot melt adhesive correct operating parameters; B. check edge banding machine is normal; C. edge with a coating on the back is normal, if Fengbian to check whether it is greasy species, or the back of the non-woven fabric wettability is up to the standard; D. the hotmelts type is appropriate; e. hot melt adhesive quality if there is a problem.
2. The edge strength is not enough: A. use the appropriateness of the hotmelts type; B. plate is too loose or sheet unqualified, sheet piling up time is too long to port has too much dust C. edge is pollution; D. back edge coating is uniform, e. hot melt temperature is not reached, edge banding machine pressure is not enough (manual edge banding machine operating pressure by artificial control) are particularly prone to the problem; F. operating environment temperature too low.
3. Glue line thickness: A. model is not correct, such as speed glue used in slow, not fit, hot melt adhesive has begun to curing, resulting in pressure is not tight; B. plate processing precision is not enough, saw was not good incision straight enough; C. edge with a variant, insufficient level or arc type; D. edge banding machine pressure wheel wear, pressure and can appear unilateral glue line thickness; e. edge banding machine pressure is not enough, failed to press, the pressure 3-5kg/cm2. F. the gelatinize content is too large, glue overflow.
4. Drawing pollution sheet: A. hot melt adhesive quality is not good; B. types of improper selection, such as slow glue with in the high speed machine; hot melt adhesive open time is too long, glue dry slow; C. The hotmelts temperature on the high side, or edge banding machine speed too fast; D. gelatinize is too large; e. cots quality is not good, can not even gelatinize or reasonable adjustment.
5. The edge after spray paint a few days off: A. edge does not reach the highest bond strength, check operation is reasonable, whether or check the hot melt adhesive quality standard; B. seal flake paint off, check the veneer is back too much fat or the back of the non-woven cloth (paper) the wetting ability; C. seal flake paint off, check the veneer is pores are too big, paint solvent whether penetration to gum destroy the film; D. hot melt adhesive quality is not up to the requirements; temperature glue is not suitable to be used in this kind of process; e. edge processing is not good, glue line is too rough, lead to poor sealing ability, solvent easy penetration into the film breaking strength.
6. The differences of the devices: A. made double-sided glue manual edge banding machine used in the plastic temperature effect best. B. domestic single side glue (glue coated sheet) manual edge banding machine use glue effect is also very good; C. domestic single-sided coating with plastic coating edge manual edge banding machine used in the plastic temperature effect is slightly worse, strength is inferior to that the two models, curve edge operation should pay attention to increase the pressure.
More than six points is in the use of hot melt adhesive from often appeared in the process of and easy to make mistakes, please sit in the right seats, check in use of, to better solve to intended purpose.
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